About us

We are a multicultural team that works in the transformation of the e-commerce ecosystem.

We are commited to working day to day to create a product that can optimize automatically the publicity of your online store.

By using mathematical models and machine learning, our platform has completely overcome agencies dedicated in Google Shopping campaigns, generating a better performance and reducing human work time in the process of creating campaigns, which has given amazing results and has allowed our clients to increase their conversions and compete in a smarter way.

Our Culture

With a basis of a lot of coffee, tacos and arepas, these are some of the fundamental principles of our company:


Every element of the team has an important role to play and contributes to the core of the product, no matter where they come from or what they’ve studied: if you can prove you have the skills you can be a part of the team.

Data has my back

Taking decisions based in data is our mantra. We believe there are two things that will define the future of the companies: Data and Speed.


The space we inhabit day to day is designed so that the comunication is the most direct as possible, so that every voice is listened.

Our team

Arturo Díaz


Daniel Montoya


Daniel García

Fullstack Developer

Gibran Otazo

Data Scientist

Diego Arcos

Fullstack Developer

Gerardo Linares

Backend Developer

Gabriel Acosta

Fullstack Developer

Arwin Trujillo

Data Scientist

Joyce Bobadilla

Bussiness Developer

Marisa Parga

UX/UI Designer

Online Stores using Entropy

Become part of our team.

We are always searching for top talent interested in being part of the ecommerce revolution.