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Entropy Privacy Policy

This company is committed to the security of its users’ data. When
We ask to fill in the fields of personal information with which you can be identified, what
We do this by ensuring that it will only be used in accordance with the terms of this document.
However, this Privacy Policy may change over time or be updated by the
that we recommend and emphasize continually reviewing this page to ensure that
you agree to such changes.

Information that is collected

Our website may collect personal information such as: Name, information of
Contact as your email address and demographic information. Likewise
when necessary, specific information may be required to process an order or
make a delivery or billing.

Use of collected information

Our website uses the information in order to provide the best possible service,
particularly to keep a record of users, orders if applicable, and
improve our products and services. Emails may be sent
periodically through our site with special offers, new products and other
advertising information that we consider relevant to you or that may provide any
benefit, these emails will be sent to the address you provide and
They may be canceled at any time.
Virtual Transportation SAPI de CV is highly committed to meet the
commitment to keep your information safe. We use the most advanced systems and
We constantly update to ensure that there is no unauthorized access.


A cookie refers to a file that is sent in order to request permission to
stored on your computer, by accepting this file it is created and the cookie is then used to
have information regarding web traffic, and also facilitate future visits to a website
recurrent. Another function that cookies have is that with them the web can be recognized
individually and therefore provide you with the best personalized service.
Our website uses cookies to identify the pages that are visited and their
frequency. This information is used only for statistical analysis and then the
information is permanently deleted. You can delete cookies at any
moment from your computer. However cookies help provide better
service of the websites, they do not give access to information from your computer or from you, to
Unless you want it and provide it directly, visits to a website. You
You can accept or deny the use of cookies, however most browsers accept
Cookies automatically as it serves to have a better web service. Also you can
change your computer settings to decline cookies. If they decline it is possible
that you cannot use some of our services.

Links to Third Parties

This website may contain links to other sites that may be of interest to you. Once
that you click on these links and leave our page, we no longer have control over the
site to which you are redirected and therefore we are not responsible for the terms or privacy or
of the protection of your data on those other third-party sites. These sites are subject to their
own privacy policies so it is recommended that you consult them to confirm that
you agree with these.

Control of your personal information

At any time you can restrict the collection or use of personal information
which is provided to our website. Every time you are asked to fill out a form,
As the user registration, you can check or uncheck the option to receive information by
email. In case you have checked the option to receive our newsletter or
advertising you can cancel it at any time.
This company will not sell, transfer or distribute the personal information that is collected without
your consent, unless required by a judge with a court order.
It reserves the right to change the terms of this Privacy Policy in
any moment.

Arco Rights Attention Policy

Virtual transportation of Mexico SAPI de CV
That all persons, holders of these rights, have the right to access, rectify,
cancel or oppose the processing of your data held by the
Virtual transportation Mexico SAPI de CV (hereinafter ENTROPY ), protecting and
thus guaranteeing a human right recognized in the Political Constitution of the United States
Mexicans and whose exercise may not be restricted or suspended, except in the cases and under the
conditions that the Constitution itself establishes.
The rights can only be exercised by the Owner of personal data, without prejudice to the
norms that regulate their representation.
LFPDPPP: Act Federal Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Partie
Personal Data: It ‘s all numerical, alphabetical, graphic, sound or information of any other
type that can make an identified or identifiable person.
ARCO Rights: Right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the Holders on
your personal information.
Right of Access : The one for which the holder is entitled to request and obtain information
your personal data subjected to treatment by the Responsible of the database, the origin of
said data, as well as the communications made or that are planned to be made of them.
Right of Correction : He who has the Registrant to request correction data
are inaccurate, incomplete or inadequate (update and inclusion).
Right of Cancellation: That by which the Holder has the right to request and obtain the
cancellation of your personal data when the treatment thereof does not comply with what
provided in the LFPDPPP, or are no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for the
which would have been collected or registered by the Responsible for the database or treatment or
the period established for its treatment has expired, or when its
consent to treatment. (Suppression)
Right of Opposition: He who has the Holder to refuse the treatment of the data that is
concerns if they have been collected without your consent, or when there are reasons
founded for this, provided that the Law does not provide otherwise.
Who can exercise the ARCO Rights.
All persons, holders of the data, after identification by official document, may
exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the treatment of your data in
possession of ENTROPY , personally or through his legal representative.
In the case of minors, the ARCO Rights will be exercised by whoever exercises
legally the parental authority.
When the Data Holder has died, the declared heirs or the executor of the succession,
after accrediting your personality, you can access the deceased’s personal data.
Possibility of exercising 2 (DOS) or more Rights at the same time.
The rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition are independent, so the
exercise of one of them is not a requirement to exercise some other and does not prevent the exercise of
Time Entropy has to respond to a request
The response, for any of the above Rights, must be provided legibly and
understandable, in writing or by email provided for this purpose, within a maximum period
15 (fifteen) business days counted from the presentation of the application. In case there was
relapsed a favorable agreement to the request, it will become effective within 15
(fifteen) business days following the date of notification of the referred agreement.
The term of 15 (fifteen) business days may be extended for a single occasion, with prior notification.
of the expansion, as long as the circumstances of the case justify it
Origin of prevention.
– If the request is not accurate or does not contain all the required data. At the time of
Receipt of the request will be oriented to the applicant to correct the deficiencies.
– If the details provided by the applicant are not sufficient to locate the personal data or are
wrong. The applicant will be warned, once, within 5 (five) business days
following the submission of the application. If prevention is not vented, the request will be taken
for not presented.
Exercise of the right of access.
The Data Holder has the right to request and obtain free information from his data
personal subjected to treatment by the Responsible of the database, the origin of said
data, as well as the communications made or that are planned to be made thereof, as well as their
Exercise of the right of RECTIFICATION.
It will proceed when, the data of the Holder that are in the systems and / or data files
personnel ENTROPY , are inaccurate, incomplete, inadequate or excessive.
However, in the case of data that reflects facts found in a procedure
administrative or in a judicial process, those will be considered exact as long as they coincide with
Exercise of the right of CANCELLATION.
  • When the treatment of the same does not conform to the provisions of the Law or the guidelines
  • issued by ENTROPY .
  • When the Right of Opposition has been exercised and it has been appropriate.
  • When the data is no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which
they would have been collected or registered.
The cancellation gives rise to the blocking of personal data, keeping only
available ENTROPY , those for the attention of potential liabilities arising from the
treatment during the prescription period thereof
Once the term, mentioned in the previous paragraph, has expired, it will be eliminated in terms of
the applicable regulations; elimination is not appropriate when:
  • Cause damage to rights or affect legitimate interests of third parties.
  • When there is a legal obligation to keep such data.
Those used for statistical, scientific or historical purposes are excluded from cancellation,
previously submitted to the dissociation procedure.
Exercise of the right of OPPOSITION.
– When the data had been collected without your consent.
– When there are well-founded reasons for this and the Law does not provide otherwise.
Consent for the processing of personal data will not be necessary when
present one of the grounds provided for in article 10 of the LPDPPP.
1. The application must be submitted duly signed ENTROPY , with the Department of
Personal data ENTROPY via email privacidad@entropy.tech or so
written in the offices located at calle Tehuantepec, 170, col. Roma Sur, CDMX, Mexico country in
business hours and days, as applicable.
2. The request by e – mail or in writing, shall be received by the DEPARTMENT
PROFILE of ENTROPY , who will deliver to the applicant an acknowledgment that
contains, stamp, time and date of receipt, as well as the folio number assigned to it.
If it is by email, an email will be sent as acknowledgment of receipt.
3. The Owner of the personal data will prove, at the time of making his request via writing or by
email, your identity, through any of the following documents:
– Valid passport.
– Current voting card issued by the National Electoral Institute.
– Professional ID issued by the Secretary of Public Education.
– National Military Service Card issued by the Secretariat of National Defense.
– Current immigration document issued by the National Institute of Migration; (in the case of
– Consular Registration Certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by the
Corresponding Consular Office.
The original and copy of the cover of the document with which it is being accredited will be presented
4. In the event that the request is made through the Legal Representative, in addition to
Identity document, it must prove the personality through a legal or notarial document,
attaching the identification documents of the Holder and the Legal Representative.
In the case of natural persons, the request will be made through a power of attorney signed by 2
witnesses and a copy of the identification of the witnesses.
5. The request will be presented by free writing in person, in person or by mail
electronic and must contain, at least, the following:
I. Name of the Obliged Subject to whom it is addressed.
II. Full name of the Owner of the personal data, and where appropriate, of her Legal Representative.
III. Clear and precise description of the data with respect to which one of the
Four ARCO Rights.
IV. If possible, mention any element that facilitates its location.
V. Include address in Mexico City or email to receive notifications.
SAW. In the case of the rectification of personal data, in addition to the above requirements, the Owner
or your Legal Representative:
It will indicate the erroneous data and the correction that must be made, accompanying the documentation
evidence of the error.
VII. In the case of the cancellation of personal data, the Owner or her Legal Representative, in addition.
of the requirements indicated in point four, will indicate the reasons why they consider that
the treatment of your data does not comply with the provisions of the Law, or where appropriate, will accredit the
source of your Opposition Right.
6.- The answer will be provided, legibly and understandably, in writing or by mail
electronic provided for this purpose.
7.- The information will be delivered without more formality than that of proving the identity, and if it is the
case, cover costs in accordance with current regulations.
8.- The process of requesting access, rectification, cancellation or opposition of personal data is
gratuitous. However, in case of requesting its reproduction (simple or certified copy or any
other provided for in the Law), the respective costs of
according to regulations.
Note: For the attention of the ARCO Request, the Holder must only cover the expenses of
sending, reproduction and certification of documents (if applicable).
In the case of access requests, if the source allows it, direct consultation can be made
which will have no cost.
The Department of Personal Data ENTROPY notify
in your case the cost of
reproduction of the required information, the means and places to make the payment.
The Owner of the personal data or his Legal Representative will have 20 (twenty) business days to
make the payment and present the receipt to the Department of Personal Data of
9. ENTROPY will have 60 (sixty) working days to provide information on hours and days
skillful, as appropriate.
10. Upon receipt of the request ARCO, the Department of Personal Data ENTROPY ,
will verify if this account has all the requirements described previously, if not, contact the
Holder by email or personal or telephone and will require you to correct the deficiencies
within 10 (ten) business days of receipt of the request. In case it does not
is corrected after 10 (ten) business days, the request will be considered not presented.
11. Each of the applications received ARCO ENTROPY , will have the assignment
folio numbers by type of request, whether request for access, rectification, cancellation or
12.- ENTROPY not be obliged to cancel the personal data when:
  • Refers to the parts of a contract and are necessary for its development and fulfillment.
  • Must be treated by legal provision.
  • Hinder judicial or administrative actions.
  • Are necessary to protect the legally protected interests of the Owner.
  • Are necessary to fulfill a legally acquired obligation.