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You can always change your type of Service, this is just to identify your Plan based on your current needs.

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Self Service

I only want to use Entropy’s algorithm to optimize my existing campaigns

Managed Service

I need help setting up and running my campaigns, conversion tag, Google accounts, and would like reports and consultory about my ecommerce.

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Self Service

2.5k USD Investment

Starter Plan

Entropy Fee: $599 USD a month

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How does the free trial work?

You have 30 days of unlimited access to the platform. You can use it to manage as many products and budget as you wish with any cost (with the exception of media costs).

How do I know if my products are right for Google Shopping?

Most retailers will be able to promote their products through Google Shopping but there are some restricted categories defined by Google. Please see their Google Shopping Ads policies

We are already using Google Shopping via Adwords. How will Entropy help us?

Not only will Entropy save you precious time optimizing and updating your campaigns. It will also provide better performance so you can achieve your revenue goals.

What happens when I cancel a paid account?

We are sad to see you go. If for any reason you wish to cancel your account you can do so by notifying the entropy customer support team. You can always come back, if you want to.

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