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With Entropy you can...

Increase your sales

We analyze conversion patterns in your product feed to predict which products have a higher opportunity of converting.

Increase your investment return

Entropy automatically optimizes your Google Shopping and SEM campaigns through Machine Learning Algorithms, increasing your return on investment.

Optimize your workload

Entropy's algorithms work 24/7 setting the proper bid for every one of your products, so you can focus on your business knowing Entropy will continually optimize your campaigns.

Why us?

We have results to back us up.


Increased sales in one month

Account in Consumer electronics


Reduced Ad Spend

Account in Office Equipment


USD saved in one year

Account in Technology

Key features

Laser focus on Ecommerce

Entropy Signals

It captures all the interactions of the users in your site, including actions such as: add to cart, product visits, search, checkout or purchases. This information is fed into Entropy's algorithm in real time, allowing it to operate your Google Shopping campaigns more efficiently.

Competitive price analysis

With Competitive Price Analysis, Entropy can identify products with high conversion probability and the elasticity of your market. These insights allow our algorithm to directly impact your top and bottom line through CPC optimization.

Profit maximization

With profit margin maximization we can push the best products that produce the biggests benefits for your bottom line.

Key features

Laser focus on Ecommerce

It's easy to use

Setup your campaign in just 3 steps

It's easy to use

Setup your campaign in just 3 steps

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