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We’re more than a tool, we’re a partner for your business decisions.

Entropy's algorithms work 24/7 to set the correct bid for every one of your products and keywords.

Our team of experienced data analysts and ecommerce experts will help you choose the right stategy for your online store.

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What our clients are saying

“Entropy’s team and tools have helped us grow our business at a much accelerated growth than expected. The budget optimization that we have achieved with Entropy
for our digital campaigns has been a fundamental part of our expansion.

León Leventhal

Marketing Manager

“Entropy is an extremely responsive, young and hungry company, with a business model that work well for Branded Online. As e-commerce specialists, we need a tech parter that we can trust.

Jeff Rawlings

VP of Digital Marketing

“I like the operation of Entropy because it goes product by product,we do not have categories problems.We have seen it bidding every hour, it is not like others who bid once a day; the machine works longer. In general, Entropy is an excellent platform.

Alfonso Miguelez

“Entropy is our best partner, they understand the needs of our business and always adapt according to our goals. The fast response, well structured campaigns and their always kind people, equals a great experience.

Salvador García


It's easy to use

Setup your campaign in just 3 steps

It's easy to use

Setup your campaign in just 3 steps

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Key features

Laser focus on Ecommerce

Entropy Signals

It captures all the interactions of the users in your site, including actions such as: add to cart, product visits, search, checkout or purchases. This information is fed into Entropy's algorithm in real time, allowing it to operate your Google Shopping campaigns more efficiently.

Competitive price analysis

With Competitive Price Analysis, Entropy can identify products with high conversion probability and the elasticity of your market. These insights allow our algorithm to directly impact your top and bottom line through CPC optimization.

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Profit maximization

With profit margin maximization we can push the best products that produce the biggests benefits for your bottom line.

Key features

Laser focus on Ecommerce

We know digital marketing can be a complicated process. We’ll guide you through.


Review your needs


Create your campaigns


Polish your strategy

Review your needs

How do I know Entropy is for me? caret arrow like

Entropy is a great partner for ecommerce. Digital marketing is a necessity in an ecommerce’s success. There are so many channels today that it’s hard to keep them all optimized and working effectively. That’s where Entropy comes in. We not only optimize your Google campaigns (and Facebook soon) we recommend strategies to keep your business growing.

What results could I obtain with Entropy? caret arrow like

Most online stores see a 30% improvement in Revenue generated from their campaigns by using Entropy.

What do I need to start? caret arrow like

To start with Entropy, you need an

  • An ecommerce
  • A Google Ads Account
  • A product feed (for Shopping Campaigns)
  • A Merchant Center account (for shopping campaigns)
  • A conversion Tag

Once you start, we audit your ecommerce to let you know if you’re missing one of these. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, we can help you.

How much will Entropy cost me? caret arrow like

Entropy offers a monthly fee that varies according to your ad spend.

We offer two types of services:

1. Self Service: which includes support and access to the platform.

2. Managed Service: Our team of Ecommerce Experts will do a review of your account and work with you to design the best strategy according to your goals. We will implement this strategy for you in your Google Ads Account.

Create your campaigns

Can I use Entropy and Google Ads at the same time? caret arrow like

While that is possible, it is not recommended.If Entropy is operating a campaign it will rollback any changes you made manually in Google Ads. You can continue to use Google Ads to handle conversions and reports.

How long will it take to see results? caret arrow like

Depending on the amount of data available in your account, it can take from 24 hours to two weeks to start observing significant changes on your account. Do consider that smaller budgets will provide less data to generate results.

How do I select the correct strategy for my campaigns? caret arrow like

Entropy has five algorithms depending on your goals.

  1. Maximize Revenue
  2. Maximize Conversions
  3. Maximize Clicks
  4. Maximize Impressions
  5. Maximize Profit

Most clients find revenue as the best choice to get started. You can know more about each algorithm here

Polish your strategy

Does Entropy provide reports? caret arrow like

Yes, you can see relevant information inside your dashboard on a organization or campaign basis. The metrics currently provided are CPC, ROAS, Clicks, Cost and Revenue

How can I give an extra push to specific products? caret arrow like

Entropy has a special product group functionality which you can find inside your Shopping campaign section. You can choose there the products you would like to give a stronger boost and select the algorithm which fits best your goals.

What if I want to spend different during weekends and weekdays? caret arrow like

Inside your campaigns dashboard you can find the budget manager functionality. There you can select different budgets for every day and Entropy will automatically update them in Google Ads for you.

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